Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Summer Fun!

 The 3 Musketeers! (Nico, Dee Dee's son, along with our amazing kids, Carter and Gianna.) They are posing nicely now but....
All bets are off once the football comes out!
 Carter winding up to pitch to precious little Demi....
 And the throw.... look at that form!
  I think I'll just stand here and look cute!
 We had a blast swimming and having picnics at Krause Springs. For those of you who have never been there, it is a true Texas gem.
Their future is so bright.... like father like son!
 Hey guys.... wait for me!
Posing for a quick pic at Krause Springs. This was taken at the entrance to their butterfly garden. The kids loved it!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our babies are getting so big!!!!

 Carter is so sweet to Gianna. He hugs her and helps her all the time. What a great big brother....
 He's a little camera shy, though :)
 Such a beauty!
 Gianna on a mission to find some super special Easter eggs.
 Carter and his precious cousins, Hal, Beatrice, and Hazel. So cute!!!
 Daddy's little girl!
 For some reason, nobody wanted to sit in the swing... so the three babies took over... This is my family at Easter. We had a great time being all together. We are so blessed!
 The Easter bunny left a sweet little surprise!
 Papa Ron.... It's my 1st birthday!!!! Yay me!!!!!!!!
 Excuse me... but where is my cake?????
Family Easter picture in the bluebonnets. Thank God for my amazing family!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

It's Been a While...

 This is a huge buck hanging out in our backyard. We have deer and cows roaming back there all the time. We love it!

 This is Gianna's first Cabbage Patch doll. Her name is Hayley, and she and Gianna are BFF's! She was one of her favorite Christmas presents.
 Carter got this guitar for Christmas... he loves to rock out!!!!!                                                             
 Precious boy!
 Our two babies... Andy just walked in the family room, and they were just like this. How sweet is that?
 Andy is so strong... he's like a beast! He and I went to Enchanted Rock on MLK day. We had so much fun. It's beautiful out there!
 It's Carter's brithday!!!!! He turned 3 on January 24th. He's amazingly smart and really funny. Plus, he's just so darn cute!
 Brenda and Gianna just cuddling up.
 This was the birthday party we had for Carter. It was his first big party, and the kids had a blast!
 Carter was giving Grey a ride in his Jeep. Carter made sure Grey buckled up for safety.
 Nico and Carter played, wrestled, and chased each other all afternoon. Nico was like a tank when it came to tackling. They had so much fun!
 Way to tuck the ball, Carter!
 Boys rolling around in the grass with a dog... can't get much cuter!
 Great friends!
 Ummm.... I'm pretty sure this is out of dress code. What a goof!
Speaking of goof... Gianna is such a character with a huge personality. We are so blessed!

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Let the Holiday Fun Begin!

 We spent Thanksgiving with Warren and his awesome family! Hal is a year old and such a cutie. Christmas will be at our house this year... This will be the first year since Andy and I've been married that we will be in Texas for Christmas... His family is coming down, so it should be tons of fun!
 Just a fun family pic.
 Look at Hal's face... so smoochable!
 Gianna's face is pretty smoochable, too... goofy girl!
Carter flying high! He's got so much energy... all the time... everyday.

Monday, October 31, 2011

Family Fun and Halloween!

 What a smile! Carter was being chased by his daddy... such joy!

 Papa Jack and Grandma Jan came down for a visit and for Gianna's baby dedication at church. It was very special!
 Carter is pretty much an I-pad genius... He definitely puts mommy to shame.

 Our sweet little baby girl on her special day.

 Isn't she beautiful! We are so blessed!

 Carter loves his Brobie costume. He had a blast on Halloween... way too much candy!

 Gianna was a baby cow... what a goofy girl!

 So silly!

 Happy boy... goofy face!

This is at the beginning of the night... They weren't too sure about what was going on... they caught on pretty quickly.